The following are frequently asked questions of Pamela Simone Travel:

  • Do you really give out free travel quotes?

Yes! I do not charge my clients a fee for putting together any recommendations or travel quotes. In fact, I do not charge my clients any fee even if they decide to book.

  • Okay. You gave me a free travel quote…now what?

Now you get to decide if you want any changes made to your package to show other options, or if you want to select a package and proceed with booking.

  • I want to book a package listed in my travel quote. What are the next steps?

Awesome! You’re choosing one of my quotes. Next, I book your trip for you! This will entail a phone call so I can gather all of your travel details needed, along with your credit card information.

  • Is my credit card information safe?

Yes! I only input your card information directly into the system and send you a credit card authorization form and receipt as well.

  • Why can’t I book one of your travel quotes myself?

You might be able to! This all depends on the travel quote you choose and the deals found. More times than not, I am able to find a better deal through one of my agent booking sites which requires me to do the booking for you. If I find you a deal that is open to the public, then by all means- book yourself!

  • What are the benefits of booking with you?

The benefits are bountiful! I conduct all of the research for you and manage the booking process (for free), I manage any cancellations or changes to your package that may arise until the day of your trip! No having to contact customer service for those changes- I do that for you! Lastly, the more you book your trips with me- the better deals and perks I can get for you in the future. Who doesn’t like a free hotel room night or a 50% off future flight?

  • If I have rewards or membership numbers with airlines or on my credit cards, can I still use those benefits?

Yes! Just be sure to let me know which memberships you have, and we will be sure any points or rewards you may have can be used before committing to a package.