Flipping through a free American Lifestyle magazine sent monthly from our real estate agent, I stopped on this interesting recipe for chamomile-tangerine cake and thought to myself, “Perfect Spring/Easter cake- sounds refreshing!” I have had chamomile tea before of course, and I do like the taste of it; however, if you are not one of those people- that’s okay because I couldn’t taste the chamomile at all.

The chamomile part of the recipe is just infusing the milk used for the cake batter with chamomile tea bags for about 5 minutes. That’s it. The majority of the flavor will be the orange/tangerine marmalade and the tangerine juice in the frosting- which by the way is delicious and the only part of the recipe I plan on keeping.

Not to say the cake tasted bad, but it wasn’t fluffy enough in terms of the texture. And if I am going to eat cake, I like the cake fluffy. Could this have been a “baker’s error?” Very possible. Guess we’ll never know for sure because I don’t plan on making this again. And if you’re wondering…no one took a nap.

The longest part of the recipe was letting the cakes cool and then the assembly part of it (adding the frosting and trying to make it look pretty). I didn’t have any chamomile flowers or daisies, so I just used the tangerine slices for the decor. It came out pretty good, not perfect by any means, but not embarrassing either.


Final Recipe Thoughts


The frosting, however, was great. I think in the future I will use that frosting with some cupcakes or even for sugar cookies. If you’re going to try this, I say ditch the chamomile, use some fluffy cake batter recipe (or a good ole pre-made cake mix), and make sure you have some frosting reserve… (for eating separately with a big spoon when no one is looking).

Until next time.

P. Simone

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